Do you have what you need to manage effectively?

Work has changed. Employees are changing. And all of that means bigger challenges for managers.


In this "Management Reset Masterclass" you will learn skills to:

  • Shift Your Management Mindset
  • Practice the Golden Rule of Management
  • Master the One-on-One Meeting

It's time to up your game.

Learn how to level up your approach for a post-pandemic world of work

For just $149 you get access to

  • 5 modules (about 90 minutes) of packed training tailored to make an impact right away.
  • 6 downloadables including cheat sheets, how to guides and templates to apply the learning into practice.
  • Numerous additional resources and further reading to explore in more depth 
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About Jason Lauritsen

Management Trainer and Innovator 

Jason Lauritsen is transforming management as a keynote speaker, trainer, and author. He liberates managers from outdated and inhumane practices so they can cultivate human potential at work and improve people’s lives.

Jason’s advice and teachings are informed by decades of experience ranging from startup CEO to Fortune 1000 executive. He also spent several years leading the Best Places to Work program for an HR technology company. His insights have been described as a “secret weapon” by leaders who strive to create a more engaging and human work experience for their people. 

He’s known for his authentic and vulnerable storytelling that challenges you to see things differently. It’s nearly impossible to come away from an interaction with Jason without having your perspective on management changed.  

Jason is the author of two books, Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential and Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.