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What's included

Managing in the Future of Work is an online, interactive, game-changing course taught over 6 weeks. Here’s what’s included.

  • 6 (1-hour) Recorded Video Classes
    Each week for six weeks, participants will receive a new one-hour video training to view. Each video is full of new insights and actionable advice to put to work immediately.
  • 6 (1-hour) Live Group Coaching Calls
    Each module will be followed by a 1-hour coaching call to tackle any questions and explore how to apply the week’s learning.
  • Weekly Exercises to practice and master new skills
    Each weekly training video will include specific exercises designed to help participants to apply what they’ve learned as they manage their teams in real time.
  • Private Online Discussion Forum with Jason and Peers Upon joining the course, participants will gain access to an online discussion forum with other participants. The forum is an opportunity to connect with peers, ask Jason questions, discuss any challenges, and exchange ideas.  
  • 3 Bonus On Demand Modules In addition to the core content, participants will have access to three additional training modules.
  • Certificate Participating managers who complete all of the modules and assessments will receive a certificate and digital badge to certify them as a "Future of Work Ready Manager."

Direct access

Your managers will have direct access to Jason throughout the course to answer questions, provide advice, and guide their learning.

Discussion forum

Share ideas, case studies and concerns with your peer group. Find a network of supporters and help others with your expertise.  

Learning on demand

The 9 hours of live training and Q&A will be made available as a recording for those who can't make it live or want to re-watch.

Actionable advice

The exercises and tools will help you implement your weekly learnings right away to see immediate impact and results.


We're proud to announce that this program now comes with a certification!

Participating managers who complete all of the modules and assessments will receive a certificate and digital badge to certify them as a "Future of Work Ready Manager."

This strengthens the learning and leaves every participant with a lasting reminder to be proud of.

 Curriculum Outline

Module 1: Management Mindset

The first step to leading a high performing team is developing the right management mindset. In this module, we explore the importance and impact of mindset. Participants will learn how adopting a cultivation mindset is the most effective way to unlock the full potential of people at work.

Module 2: Effective Communications

Fostering employee engagement in any team requires effective communication and it’s even more vital when teams are distributed. In this module, we’ll first reframe how we think about communication in the work relationship. Then, we’ll learn specific strategies and tools to ensure more effective and regular communication with your team.

Module 3: Care and Accountability

It can be challenging for managers to learn how to balance caring for your employees’ well-being with maintaining accountability for performance. In this module, participants will gain a new perspective on both caring and accountability and find that they are not at odds with one another. We will learn that both require developing trust with your people and provide guidance for how to do that.

Module 4: Productivity and Motivation

Nobody likes working for a micromanager. In this module, we show managers how to keep their team productive and motivated without falling into the trap of micromanagement. Participants will learn how to set a solid foundation for performance through defining clear expectations. We’ll also explore how to use effective one-on-one meetings and check-ins to ensure employees feel supported without taking away their autonomy.

Module 5: Keeping the Team Connected

Creating and maintaining connection within your team is vital to both employee engagement and inclusion. In this module, participants will develop a deeper understanding of connection including why it’s so important and how it works. Then we will review some best practice tactics and approaches for fostering connection that can be put to use immediately.

Module 6: Making Virtual Meetings Work

Bad meetings are the source of so much frustration at work. In this module, we’ll focus on how to make your meetings, particularly virtual meetings, more engaging and productive. Participants will learn the six steps to creating a good virtual meeting. In addition, we will share specific tips for how to be a better facilitator and avoid common meeting pitfalls.

 These additional on-demand modules will also be included:

Work is a Relationship

In this powerful module, you'll learn how and why to approach management more like a relationship with the employee.

If we hope to get the best of our people, it starts with understanding what work is for employees--a relationship. Research has shown that employees crave the same things from work that they do from any important relationships in their lives.

The Feedback Fix

Giving and receiving feedback is a source of angst for more people at work. In this module, managers will discover why feedback is so triggering and learn how to use an approach called “feedforward” that will make feedback far more effective and less likely to be ignored.

Confronting Poor Performance & Bad Behavior

One of the most challenging aspects of management is effectively handling employees who are under-performing or behaving poorly. In this module, we’ll reveal how adopting the cultivation mindset completely changes how you approach these issues. Managers will gain the tools needed to effectively address performance and behavior problems with employees in a way that feels more positive and productive.

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