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Accelerator for Executive Teams - 2 hours    

The last years have been most disruptive to the way we work, manage and lead.

In this Accelerator your team will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of The Check-In Method

  • Align on strategic direction to impact retention, performance and well-being.

  • Leave with a new mindset and next steps to drive change.

It's a transformative workshop for top executives who care about their business.

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The Check-In™ Bootcamp for HR Leaders – 4 hours

Half-day, interactive bootcamp on The Check-In Method™, the key to retaining and engaging great employees. 

In this 4 hour virtual Bootcamp, you’ll: 

  • Learn why people really quit their jobs and why equipping managers with new skills is the only sustainable path to retaining employees
  • Understand how to use and share The 7 C's of The Check-In Method as an HR leader to develop and improve the effectiveness of your managers to drive retention and performance
  • Leave with actionable techniques, tools, and templates you can use, teach, and share with your managers.

It's designed especially for HR leaders who drive change in their organizations.

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Management Transformation Program for Co-horts, Teams or Companies – 8/16+ weeks

Transformative interactive deep dive management training with virtual group coaching, alignment workshops and more. 

This program is designed to upskill your managers and leaders including:

  • Learning the fundamentals of the 7 C's from The Check-In Methodto build trust and better relationships with employees 

  • Practising to avoid the most common communication pitfalls, looking after employees well-being and creating greater mutual accountability

  • Leaving with mindsets, skills and tools to unlock improved performance, reduce turnover, have happier employees and less stress.

We'll start by exploring your needs and adjust the exercises to create maximum impact.

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